Trail Resources

Professional and volunteer trail builders, clubs and land management agencies often have resources and equipment that make the task of constructing and maintaining trails and collecting trail usage data a whole lot easier.

Below are a few handy trail tools.

MTBA – Mountain Bikers Code of Conduct DL Magnet


Trail Apps


Trailforks is a free mountain bike trail database and management system for riders, clubs and associations.  Many MTB clubs, trail care alliances and riders within Australia already use Trailforks to log trail networks, places to ride, submit trail reports and add photos and videos.   There is also a facility for users to make donations (Trail Karma) to clubs and associations to assist with trail maintenance and construction activities and a downloadable app.   


The Kowalski’s Trail Buddy app was specifically developed to cover popular trail networks in Canberra including East Kowen Forest, Sparrow Hill, Majura Pines and Bruce Ridge. The App includes:
               • Detailed maps showing the whole trail network
               • Every trail listed and distances
               • Information about the local trail builders & trail building
               • Suggested trail rides and course loops like the Mont 24 Hour and Kowalski Classic


Trail Tools

       Trailscapes Tools 020 Trailscapes Tools 028Rake n Bake      

half bakeHalf Baked

The Rake n Bake and the Half Baked are available to purchase from

(Image credit: FLOW)


Trail Counters

traker count

The Traker Count operates by sensing the natural heat energy of people passing by.  There are no cables or complex set-ups.

trafxmtb trail counter

TRAFx MTB trail counter is suitable for counting mountain bikes on single track trails. It can also be used to count bicycles on bike paths up to 2.0m (6.6ft) wide

Australian Mountain Bike Trail Guidelines

Australian Trail Difficulty Rating System

Revised Trail Difficulty Rating System (October 2020)

Summary of Revisions to Australian MTB Trail Grading Matrix October 2020

Trail Difficulty Rating System Symbols – PDF and JPG files for download

Manuals and Publications

South Australia – Guidelines for the Planning, Design, Construction of Recreational Trails in South Australia

IMBA Guidelines to a quality trail experience 2017

Western Australian Mountain Bike Management Guidelines

MTBA have a range of IMBA publications for sale on the MTBA Webstore.

Trail Solutions book_Web

Trail Solutions: IMBA’s Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack   |   CLICK HERE to purchase

Managing Mountain Biking_Web

Managing Mountain Biking: IMBA’s Guide to Providing Great Riding   |   CLICK HERE to purchase



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