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Trail Solutions – IMBA’s Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack Book


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In Less than 30 years, mountain biking has soared from an offbeat invention to a global pastime with millions of active participants.  

During this time, trail builders with a passion for mountain biking have contributed lot to the art and science of trail construction.  Supported and encouraged by land managers and the sport’s leading advocacy group, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), these dirt designers have refined essential trail design and maintenance techniques.  They have developed effective new ways to build environmentally friendly trails that provide a variety of great experiences for cyclists, hikers, runners, equestrians, and other visitors. 


Trail Solutions: IMBA’s Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack presents these concepts in a clear, easy-to-follow format rich with instructive diagrams and photos.  You will learn:

    • How to work with government officials, trail groups, and volunteers to create and support great trails. 
  • What trail users really want and how trails will benefit your community. 
  • The essential steps in designing, building, maintaining, and managing trails.
  • How to effectively use hand tools and trail building machinery to build and maintain trails. 
  • The key techniques for creating challenging trails that appeal to avid mountain bikers.