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Manky Map – Bayview Conservation Area

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Mankys prefer to be stuffed in your pocket, up your sleeve or tied to handle bars, not folded up each time.

Yes, Mankys are brilliant for wet activities.  The microfibre material is super fast at drying.

Mankys are made from optical grade microfibre cloth, the same cloth used to make glasses cleaning cloth. Mankys love to absorb oil and water.

Because they are a durable cleaning cloth, the Manky will promote your brand for a long time.  People wonder how they survived pre-Manky once they have one!

Being a light and thin material Mankys are an excellent gift or souvenir product.  Cheap to post, Mankys are also easy to carry in your backpack.  Very likely to be hauled out at dinner time in the backpackers when comparing activity notes with fellow travellers.

Mankys love the wind. Unlike paper they will not blow away or rip in the wind!

You can use a Manky time and time again.  It does not fray, tear or fade. Once it stops being used for information you have a fantastic household, car or office cleaning cloth.

Paper maps often get dropped in their playground once they get wet or damaged.  This has negative effects on the local eco system.  Durable/useful Mankys won’t be thrown away so readily.

No explanation needed here!

The Manky is good for over 200 machine washes.  Avoid fabric softener though as it blocks the super absorbent fibres.

Indeed you can.  Amazingly you can write on a Manky with a biro or permanent pen.  The ink does not run, it behaves just like paper.  This makes them ideal for loyalty card markets and treasure hunts.

The super tight weave of the microfibre allows for print resolution that is virtually as good a paper.  Has to be seen to be believed!