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Directional Handcycle Signage Package


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These signs are designed to clearly mark a course route for handcyclists. They can be used for adaptive events or used in conjunction with regular MTB events where there is a different route or detour for handcyclists. They should be used with the events standard hazard and information signs (example: speed warnings, traffic cautions and descent arrows).


The symbol used is an adaption to common bike symbols and the International Symbol of Access. It utilities the same colour code for the background (as per AS 2700) and provides a clear contrast between the two colours (as per AS 1428.1). The handcycle symbol also represents a recumbent cycle as this is the more common and well known adaptive cycle for people with disabilities.
Each directional sign comes as a separate vector PDF for printing only. Files have been individually locked from any editing to preserve the artwork.


Example application of directional handcycle signs for a race route.


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