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Adaptive Trail Rating (ATR) System Signage


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A set of signs that accompany the aMTB Guidelines have been developed for use on mountain-bike trail signposts. The signs are aimed at informing riders of the trail-accessibility level. Several forms of information are presented to give a detailed yet concise description of an audited trail.


The sign is an adaption of popular 5 star rating systems, in particular common energy or safety rating systems seen around the world. The sign also illustrates the adaptive MTB “logo” (see next package), a descriptor and a numeric value of the star rating.

With a descriptive title and distinctive logo, other MTB riders can differentiate the information from other trail signs and differentiates from the trail’s level of difficulty (e.g. IMBA rating system).


This sign may be used in conjunction with other standard trail signs in the given network of trails.  Recommended printing width and height is 125mm to match common post signs (see image below). This may vary depending on the trail network. Badges shall be printed on a transparent background with the text, logo, lines, stars, numbers and rating bar to be 1% grey (CMYK – Key).


Example application of sign posts for adaptive trail ratings.


Each Adaptive Trail Rating sign come as a separate vector PDF for printing only. Files have been individually locked from any editing to preserve the artwork.


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