Tracey Hannah On The Season That Isn’t

Posted by jo-2, April 30, 2020

Spending time building a pump track in her front yard is one of the ways Australian downhiller Tracey Hannah is getting through the Covid-19 crisis which has seen five World Cup races already postponed or cancelled.

Hannah, who spoke to MTBA from her house in Cairns said while she has missed racing overseas,  it’s given her more time to spend with her family, some who are work in the medical profession.

“My sister is an emergency nurse at the hospital and I have a lot of respect for the health care workers.”

“I’m fine generally but sometimes I’m like man I feel down today or feel weird. And then I think that’s because how it should be I should be away racing. I get that feeling that I’m not living out my purpose, not doing “

The 2019 World Cup Downhill Overall champion said she was lucky her team didn’t make the trip to Portugal for the opening round of the World Cup season in March.

“As an athlete you are in some ways the most vunerable as you are travelling to a different country each weekend for work, so it was concerning before it came out it was getting cancelled.”

Hannah admitted it was like an extra off-season which will allow her to go into the season, whenever that may be, fresh and ready to defend her title.

“I think it will take the pressure off cause it’s been such a weird year”

“I’ve learnt not to take things for granted and last year was the most mentally challenging race years of my life and now I’m not racing and you realise how special it is to race and to travel and do what I’m doing professionally.”

You can watch the full interview HERE

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