Role Of The MTBA Board

Posted by jo-2, October 23, 2018

As the 2018 Mountain Bike Australia Annual General Meeting gets closer let’s talk governance.

MTBA’s Board provides the strategic direction for MTBA and effective oversight of Management. Their job is to act in the interests of the organisation as a whole and the Board observe their duties as Directors in terms of the Corporations Act. 

Board members all maintain a personal responsibility for ongoing development and application of best practice in Governance.

The role of the Board is to steer the organisation towards achieving its strategic direction, not managing the day to day operations and delivery of activities

Recently MTBA Directors Tony Hancock, Lee Brentzell and Lisa Morisset joined Guest Speaker Graham Bradley AM at the Australian Institute of Company Director Update,  to understand the latest changes directly impacting Companies and Directors. 

Did you know half of current Board members, as well as our CEO, are members or graduates of the Australian Institute of Company Directors?  

 This Board commitment to governance excellence is a key part of MTBA‘s continual development as high performing organisation and leading positive change.

Upcoming AGM details can be found here 

Photo: L-R Tony Hancock, AICD Guest Speaker Graham Bradley AM, Lee Brentzell, Lisa Morisset

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