From Crashing To Confidence

Posted by mtba, October 28, 2016

“The front wheel jacknifed, my forks bottomed out and SLAM went my head and right shoulder into a solid earth berm. SNAP went my collarbone.”

“The force of the hit nearly knocked me out. I clearly remember seeing stars. Snapped a couple of ribs and a thumb, too. The next day this yellow bruise appeared over my shoulder blade all the way up to my ear.”

That was in 2001.

It was a very tough ‘ah ha’ moment for Chris Carter, but it has lead him down a path which has changed his riding and now thousands of others who have become devotees of his online mountain bike skills program “The Groover Method”.

He currently has over 86,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and it’s growing.

“I guess there had to be a way, a system or a method that eliminated the risk without compromising but actually improving your riding at the same time.”


“What I discovered after decades of mountain biking and studying thousands of riders from every level of the sport is that every mistake, every mis-judgement, every reaction, every mis-timed movement on the bike can be corrected in advance – prevented, eliminated,” Carter said.

Carter’s first guinea pig in 2014 was Micheal England, who was a road rider for a Continental Pro team.

“He was fit but when we’d go out for rides on the mountain bike I’d leave him for dead and he always asked how I can do that?”

So they started working together, from “The Groover Method” bible and 12 months later England finished second in the 2015 National Marathon Championships.

“There are three core rules to the program and basically it gives you what your missing, the ability to adapt by being in control in advance.” 

MTBA skills instructor and development co-ordinator Evan James said the program can enhance any level of rider. 

“MTBtips have been offering quality skills videos for many years on their YouTube channel and currently have over 86,000 subscribers.”

“The program slots very well into the MTBA skills instruction framework.”

“Even after 20 years of mountain biking and racing I found the systematic adaptive thinking method for riding streamlined every thought and action into an actual concrete system to follow that has helped my own riding.”

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