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INTRODUCTION Sun Peaks Resort has been hosting mountain bike events since 1998 (7 years) and we have hosted various levels of events from BC Cups, to Canada Cups to 24hr races as well as hosting the Canadian National Mountain Bike Championships for 2 years (2001-2002). We've also hosted Joyride 04 (Bikercross) attracting athletes from across the world.

We have been offering lift accessed mountain biking since 1998 and offer over 26 trails of various levels for mountain bike enthusiasts. We have also been voted one of the top 5 bike parks in North America by BIKE magazine. Along with Whistler Blackcomb, Sun Peaks has really been leading the development of Lift Access Bike Parks in British Columbia.

For more information and schedule see the document below.

For more detailed info contact: or visit the organiser's website at

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Lowe second in Redlands Road Tour

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I finished my first road tour of the year, as I am also racing with the Jittery Joes/Kalahri team for some selected events around my mountain bike season. It was a four day race in Redlands, Sounthern California where the weather was perfect.

Prologue - A short time trial mainly up hill that lasted only a bit over nine minutes for me, to put me into 12 postion, about 20 seconds from the leader Chris Wherry from HealthNet. Which meant my team would put their engegy into helping get the best posible result for the race.

Stage 1 - 170km road race with a 10km climb to the finish, my team looked after me the whole race so I never once touched the wind until the bottom of the climb. Not to mention the 90 seconds gap they also had to close when the field split and had to get me back to the front. At the start of the climb there was still a break clear with Moniger and Pate who were both contenders for the overall race up the road. Another mountain biker Liam Killeen spent 6-7km of the climb on the front to bring them back, shortly after I attacked and stayed away to the finish to win the stage by 12 seconds over Wherry. I moved into second place overall, down by 4 seconds when the time bonus for winning was included.

Stage 3 - 90 min criterium, which was pretty scary for me, with a bunch of crashes and the field spread 5 riders across through the corners at 50km/h. Fortunately I stayed upright, only I lost 4 seconds in a sprint bonus to Wherry.

Stage 4 - 147km circuit race around a 10km course with a solid climb in it. A strong break of 10 riders went off the front early on, that wouldn't be caught until the last time over the climb when HealthNet finally brought them back. I must have attacked Wherry about 8 times through out the stage to try and get the 8 seconds I needed to win the overall, only this wasn't going to happen, he was able to find my wheel every time.

Second overall by 8 seconds after 4 days of racing. Thanks to my team for drilling themselves so hard to achieve this result.


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Oceania 2005 DH Championships, Report and results, 3 April 2005

As predicted Sunday's DH Oceania Championships in Mt. Buller saw wind gusts up to 100km/h, rain and fog and great trans-tasman rivalry.

The seeding runs were run in heavy fog and rain to achieve a seeded list for the final run of the day. Rivers of water greeted the riders who were game enough to brave the conditions on a course that was substantially different to the unofficial practice days (held in dry and dusty conditions). Holes and obstacles that were easily negotiated the day before were now hidden under a river running the length of the course. Add to that the need for the riders to remain warm meant that the conditions were trying to say the least.

Nevertheless Australia dominated in the Junior race classes with Amiel Cavalier taking the 1st place podium with a blistering time of 3m57.64s almost 30s slower than the winning time on the same course at the MTBA Series finals held only 3 weeks earlier in dry and perfect conditions. Second and third place were taken by Ayden Eves (AUS) and Christopher Panozzo (AUS) respectively.

Australia also took out the gold medal in the Elite mens race with a time of 3m48.88s again some 28s slower than the winning time at the MTBA finals. Second and third place were taken by New Zealand (Nathan Rankin, Justin Leoy)

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Oceania 2005 XC Championships, Report and results, 2 April 2005

A great competition between traditional rivals in pretty much all things sport did not disappoint today at the 2005 Oceania XC Championships held at Mt. Buller in the Victoria Alps.

Elite and Junior, male and female, race categories were contested on a long loop format race course that included about 500m of climbing each lap in a lap length of 22km. A village loop of 8km was used to add time and distance to the Elite women and Junior male categories which only added to their effort.

The fields were certainly stellar with both New Zealand and Australia entering their current national champions in all the race categories contested.

While the Kiwis made a clean sweep of the Elite female class(30km), (Rosara Joseph 1h29m27s, Robyn Wong and Sonia Foote) and taking out the next 3 places, the Elite men class (44km) was convincingly dominated by Australian riders who took out the top 7 places and was won by Chris Jongewaard (1h54m53s) followed by Murray Spink and Perren Delacour.

In the Junior race categories the results were more mixed with NZ and the Aussies sharing the podium positions. The Junior female class (22km) was won by Michelle Bellamy (NZ, 1h16m39s) with Erica Oldfield (AUS) and Chelsea Wills (NZ) filling out the podium. In the Junior men's race (30km) Kiwi Clinton Avery (1h16m53s) was a clear leader over Joel Healy (AUS) and Lachlan Norris (AUS).

Full results are available here.?

Oceania DH event is to be held tomorrow and with weather predicted to turn sour it should be an interesting day.

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Vale: Garick Lawless: 1954 – 2005

Australian mountain biking has lost one of its true pioneers. Garick Lawless passed away recently.

Garick was involved in the sport from its earliest beginnings here.

Some may remember the series of races, culminating in a national championships, at "The Yurtfarm" outside of Goulburn. It was at Yurtfarm that Garick began his association with the world of competitive mountain biking. He was the heart and soul of those events. They simply couldn't have happened without him.

As a member of the AMBA Board and Cycling Australia MTB Commission from 1995 to 1997, he played an important role in the development of the sport. This was a time of huge progress in mountain biking, when Cairns hosted two World Cups and a World Championships and the Nationals grew from 200 riders to over a thousand.

Garick was a voice of reason on the Mountain Bike Commission when often all was chaos. People talked about doing things, but when things had to be done, usually it was Garick doing it.

As a Commissaire, his calm temperament and measured manner soothed many a heated argument. He took particular pride in the fact that he had never once fined a rider - his approach was to always to find a civilised outcome.

He championed the trials discipline, building courses at the Nationals from 1994 to 1997. He made a cameo appearance to judge the trials finals at the 1998 Nationals in Canberra; on short notice he rode his motorcycle down and back same day from the Blue Mountains to help out.

Garick was one of the first people in Australia to take sustainable MTB course construction seriously, an interest that led him to design the initial version of the Olympic mountain bike course at Fairfield.

Many who read this will have been involved in the events above, yet not know Garick. In a sport that promotes the outrageous, Garick was a gentleman. His wit was not so much dry as arid, but always as warm as it was sharp.

But mostly he was a do-er, not a talker. When the circus of an MTB event played out at the start-finish line, you would find him fixing the tape on the ‘lovely bit of single-track’ he’d built out the back.

All sports need people like Garick. His influence was already missed by mountain bike; Garick himself is missed as well.

Rest in peace.

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Host announced to stage the Solo 24hr Championships, 2005 – 2007

The successful bidder to host the Solo 24hr Championships for 2005 - 2007 is Canberra Off Road Cyclists (CORC).

CORC put together a very impressive bid document that responded to all the key elements set down by MTBA to host the Solo Championships. The successful bid was no doubt aided by CORC also having 5 years experience in hosting and managing the largest MTB race in Australia.

The 2005 Solo 24hr Championships will be held in conjunction with the MONT 24hr held annually in October.

Congratulations to all at CORC who were involved in presenting a very impressive and ultimately successful bid.

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Solo 24hr Results, Canberra, Easter 2005

Great weather, with mid 20s and a clear full-moon night saw 38 riders race in the first ever Solo only 24hr race in Australia. The event, run by Canberra Off Road Cyclists, the club that begun 24hr racing in Australia (MONT), was small but very positive comments from those that participated will see the event run again next year.

Saul Britton was leading until about the 20 hour mark when he started to have problems and had to withdraw. Andrew Bell (normally a MONT teams rider - 9th in T4 Male in 2004) took out first place with 50 laps. He was only about 15 minutes behind Saul when Saul withdrew.

Women's race was very exciting. Freya Scollay (5th in the 2004 MONT) took it out but the battle was for 2nd and 3rd with Kim Stokeld sprinting the last 300m of the track to make it through timing with 3 seconds to go to get in a deciding final lap. Alison Culpin (3rd) only entered on the day after losing a bet with Freya in the car on the trip down from Sydney!

Luke Graydon took out the U18 mini series doing 25 laps in his total 12 hours of riding. The delayed starting procedure on Sunday morning meant that every U18 rider got exactly 12 hours time off. Ed Hood had a bad Saturday afternoon, but on Sunday, Luke, Nathan and Ed provided a good spectacle with very close racing for about 4 of the 6 hours until Luke wore them down.

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Ten National’s pre-entry participants win free MTBA membership for 12 months

As announced, MTBA offered 10 free 12 month MTBA memberships for a random draw to all those that pre-entered the 2005 National MTB Championships.

The winners have been drawn and they are:

Dave Beasley (XC JuniorsU15, Vic)
Lindsay Gorrell (XC Elite, Vic)
Jenny King (XC Elite, Vic)
Scott Liston (XC U19, Vic)
Aiden Lefman (XC Elite, NSW)
Ben Haigh (DH Veteran, WA)
Hugh Mansfield (DH U19, NSW)
Warwick Gray (DH Sport, WA)
John Graydon (XC Supermaster, ACT) and
Annette Kusinski (XC Sport, Vic)

Congratulations to all these winners and thank you from MTBA for pre-entering entering the 2005 National MTB Championships.

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2005 Oceania MTB Championships, Mt. Buller, April 2-3

Final details have now been released for the 2005 Oceania Championships to be staged at Mt. Buller on April 2-3.

Nominations have now ended and entries have been received from Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. Below is a summary of the entries:

Cross Country
Elite Men: AUS (17), NZL (11), New Caledonia (1)
U19 Men: AUS (5), NZL (10), New Caledonia (1)
Elite Women: AUS (8), NZL (8)
U19 Women: AUS (1), NZL (5)

Elite Men: AUS (15), NZL (5)
U19 Men: AUS (10), NZL (8)
Elite Women: AUS (1), NZL (1)
U19 Women: no entries received

The full list of nominations is available below.

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Norba #2 – Trent Lowe’s Story

Round two of the Norba was in dry desert of Phoenix amongst some pretty sweet Cactus’ that I had never seen before. What a novelty. This round was also a stage race.

Stage 1 – A time trial on fast flowing single track which was a lot of fun to ride on. Like all TT’s it hurt like anything and lasted for a bit under 28 ½ minutes. This put me into 3rd spot for the stage with only a few seconds separating 2nd to 7th place with Kabush out front all on his own, 30 seconds clear of everyone.

Stage 2 – Short track. I seemed to wake up feel really bad as it appeared that some bug had hit me pretty hard. I wasn’t even sure weather I was even going to get out of bed to race but after enough coffee and eucalyptus to clear my head I was feeling just ok again. The ST was a fun course with places to pass and a fast single track section. As the race went on and after a few crashes the field had split up and I was away with 6 or 8 others. Kabush attacked in the closing laps to win again and I held on for 3rd place in the sprint. A good result considering how I was feeling in the morning.

Stage 3 – Cross Country. I woke up feeling like the morning before, but I thought what the heck again as I still raced well the day before. From the start I was in the front group but by the end of the first lap I had lost the group and was going backwards riding on my own. Unfortunately there is no way to trick your body for a longer XC race unlike short track. I was caught by the second group of a few riders and struggled to the finish with them for about 10th spot. I will still salvage some points for the overall series out of what was a pretty bad day.

Now I am in Redlands California for the coming weeks to get healthy and some training in before the Redlands Road Classics, which starts in about 10 days.

Thanks for reading,


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