MTBA Membership Returning To Normal

Posted by jo-2, June 30, 2020

Nicholas Oliver and Nicole Borkowski are the latest family to join the mountain biking movement having fallen in love with the sport since moving to the Top End.

The Alice Springs based family of four wanted an activity they could participate in together.

“We never did any mountain biking before moving to Alice Springs, but as soon as we arrived, we noticed that almost everybody we met loved mountain biking. It wasn’t long before we were curious enough to give it a try ourselves”

 “Our children are still young (7 and 5) and we wanted them to feel comfortable riding the trails, as it’ll be a great hobby as they’re growing.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions introduced in early March, Mountain Bike Australia was impacted with an overall decline in member numbers of nearly 13% (over 2,000 members).

The biggest declime was race membership, losing approximately 19% with numbers dropping below 10,000 for the first time in five years.

A number of members have maintained or taken up recreational memberships during the past two months, with the decline in recreational membership less than 3%. The latest figures show signs the decline is now levelling off.
With such significant reduction in membership, the organisation has been impacted considerably with a decline in membership revenues.
But with restrictions across the country easing in the past week, we were extremely encouraged to see for the first time since the COVID-19 crisis impacted the organisation, a positive sign, with membership expirations and renewals nearly on par for the past seven days.
A number of National Championship and National Cup events have now been planned across the country and riders are encouraged to check their membership is up-to-date and ensure they are covered for any racing.

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