MTBA Member Update On AusCycling

Posted by jo-2, June 11, 2020

MTBA CEO Shane Coppin has provided an update on the progress of AusCycling.

I hope you are all well and managing through these challenging and unprecedented times that we are experiencing due to the COVID pandemic.

I wanted to provide you with an update on the status of the AusCycling transition process.

Resolutions approving the formation of AusCycling were passed by MTB and BMX members and clubs during Q4 of 2019 and Q1 of 2020.

AusCycling will create a big, broad, and capable national organisation that is focused on developing and investing in our unified BMX and MTB future. We continue to be hopeful that our road and track friends will be able to join us in the future. AusCycling is committed to delivering outcomes that are focused on benefiting members and clubs, including streamlined membership, advocacy, community programs, club resources, development pathways and education, just to name a few.

AusCycling is looking to launch in October 2020. It will:

  • focus on members and clubs,
  • bring exciting outcomes for members,
  • invest more into cycling in any format,
  • create strong and sustainable future growth,
  • enable knowledge sharing,
  • preserve our strengths,
  • position cycling for growth,
  • offer competitive pathways, and
  • honour our past.

Transition update:

  • Our target is for AusCycling to commence operations in October 2020.
  • Transition planning and implementation activities and working groups are underway.
  • The team is currently identifying a new member database, policies are being updated, national competition structures and rulebooks reviewed and updated, online learning and coach/official platforms developed, and much more.
  • Excitement grows as we look towards new AusCycling brands and expanded access to resources for members, clubs and the organisation to support the growth, promotion and development of our sports.
  • A new Board and CEO to lead us to a new future, joining with the staff of the existing organisations to provide members with both new and existing faces, all working to ensure business continuity and cultures of the past remain key to the new organisation.
  • There is a number of collaborative working groups and cross-discipline teams working daily on the transition tasks. All are working well together, creating excitement and momentum as we work collectively towards a new unified future for all our members.

The implementation of this new way of riding together has required time to listen, understand, plan, negotiate, measure and fine tune as we continue to work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver benefits to members and clubs.

AusCycling will be owned by 400+ cycling clubs across Australia – its stakeholders are the members – you!
What happens to my current Membership?

There is nothing that members and clubs need to do during the transition process, as all members and clubs will automatically be rolled over as “foundation” members of AusCycling.

Upon commencement of AusCycling all members of BMXA and MTBA will have their membership automatically transitioned into AusCycling membership with the same expiry date as your current membership.  When your membership is due for renewal you will be notified and requested to renew your membership directly with AusCycling.
We will continue to work with the SSO’s and NSO’s as we work towards the commencement date.

We look forward to bringing you AusCycling and keeping you informed – Let’s Ride Together.

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