MTBA Hall Of Fame Inductees

Posted by jo-2, March 12, 2020

Mountain Bike Australia has inducted 12 members into the Hall of Fame at the 2020 MTBA Achievment Awards on Thursday evening as part of the National Championships in Bright, Victoria.

The Hall of Fame recognises the outstanding performances and achivements in the sport of mountain biking at the very elite level. 

The inaugural list includes world champions and world cup winners across a number of discplines.

“The achievements of all of these candidates at the national and more importantly international level is exceptional. It shows the quality Australia has produced in mountain biking since the early 2000’s up until today,” said MTBA CEO Shane Coppin.


Troy Brosnan (Downhill)

Caroline Buchanan (Four Cross)

Donna Dall (Coach)

Jason English (24hr)

Michael Hannah (Downhill)

Tracey Hannah (Downill)

Sharon Heap (Cross Country)

Sam Hill (Downhill/Enduro)

Janine Jungfels (Trials)

Chris Kovarik (Downhill)

Daniel McConnell (Cross Country)

Rebecca McConnell (Cross Country)

Nathan Rennie (Downhill)


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