McConnells Ready For Green Light

Posted by jo-2, May 12, 2020

Daniel and Rebecca McConnell are spending their first winter in Australia in over 10 years.

The National elite cross-country champions are just one of hundreds of riders on the UCI World Cup circus that are affected by the COVID-19 restrictions and admit it does come with its challenges.

“We’ve both lost that sort of stability of racing and what we know and every athlete is on that roller coaster of ups and downs,” said the 2019 World Championship bronze medallist.

“Apart from not being able to see our families we’ve just been training and trying to keep things positive,” Dan mentioned during their one day off from training on Saturday.

They admit compared to their European team-mates they are extremly lucky to be in Australia at this time.

“The way it’s been handled and hasn’t gotten out of control. Our lives have been able to carry on, being able to train everyday. But it’s May now and getting gold and that is quite foreign to us and now it seems we are heading into uncharted waters.”

Watch the full interview HERE

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