Geraldton Mountain Bike Club Success

Posted by jo-2, August 23, 2019
We love showcasing the success of our clubs as they build their mountain bike community.
Geraldton Mountain Bike Club was excited to have six enthusiastic MTB’ers qualify as Level 0 Coaches in 2018 and were keen to provide community clinics to promote mountain biking as a passion, recreation and sport.
Marissa and Nicky identified a need for Womens, Children and Teenager clinics to cater for the diversity of MTB rider in the community.  These clinics are offered for free, pending MTBA Membership.
Four clinics are offered for each group which allows an opportunity for riders of all levels to attend and improve their skills. 
With a keen emphasis on having fun whilst learning new skills, the clinics have been well received and will ultimately showcase the use of the Chapman River Trail and Spalding Park Skills, Pump Track and Jump Lines.
It has been fantastic to see riders gain confidence and challenge themselves on obstacles they initially thought they would never attempt.

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