English and Long Take Out 24hr Solo

Posted by jo-2, November 11, 2019

Jason English and Purdie Long were crowned the 2019 National 24hr Solo Champions in Armidale over the weekend.

The Novocastrian finished with 37 laps in a total time of 22:55:10 ahead of Kevin Hawes and Micheal Sherwood 

“Some really fun stuff out there a whole lot of variety.”

“The weather also changed so much. There was one lap I did where jersey, arm warmers, warm gloves and wind jacket and I put a hoodie on as well it was so cold during the night.”

Long would manage to ride 29 laps and take the gold medal ahead of Rebecca Stone and Kate Penglase.

“It was a nice course. It was tough with a lot of ups and downs and you felt you were constantly on the pedals.”

Penglase, was leading the race eight hours in before she became unwell and eventually called it quits at midnight.

“Very disappointing but just goes to show one small thing can undo all your preperation.”

Full Results

Photo Credit: Sam Feltham

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