Cook Island Courage

Posted by mtba, December 4, 2015

The Cook Islands.

The South Pacific archipelago nation lies southwest of Tahiti. Of its 15 islands, the largest is Rarotonga.

And it’s’ here where one mountain bike rider has begun her journey to improve not only herself as a rider, but the well being of her countrymen and women.

Myra Timena-Moller, is participating in every round of the 2015/16 Subaru National Mountain Bike Series.

At the first round in Mt Taylor – Victoria, the 31 year old New Zealand native finished on the podium, taking home bronze behind Jenni King and Karen Hill in the Elite Women’s XCO.


(Photo – Jaime Black)

“Achieving one goal at a time and today was just to settle in stay up right get as much practice as I can and continue to do that over the series,” Moller said.

While our country has no lack of single tracks, for the tiny island 6,731km east of Australia, there is only 32km of road that wraps around the capital of the Cook Islands.

And it’s for that reason, Moller wants to start building trails on this island paradise. Where the landscape reaches jutting pinnacles and razorback ridges to flat terraces and plains.

“We don’t have single tracks. My goal is to get some built on the island for the people there who are interested in mountain biking.”

“The real incentive for me to train in Roaro is to show it can be done if you just go and ride around the island and up every single valley and enjoy exploring,” she said.


(Photo – Jaime Black)

When she’s not competing, Myra manages the only bike shop on the Island. A place where she can help promote not only mountain biking but also help some of the youth who are facing personal struggles.

“If I can reach out to them through the sport, then it may just save a few lives,” Moller said.

“There is plenty of talent there, they just need an chance to show it.”

Moller wants her talent to also thrive during the six round series, culminating in again representing the Cook Island at the international level.


(Photo – Jaime Black)

“It’s an opportunity to race and get experience at the best level, then go over and do the New Zealand championships and Oceania Championships.”

Next stop for the Cook Islanders rider will be the technically challenging trails at Mt Stromlo, the venue of the 2009 World Championships.

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