MTBA National Cup

Have you heard? What is the MTBA National Cup?

On your marks…

Starting in January 2019, Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) is introducing a new competition known as the “MTBA National Cup”. This new and exciting competition will provide opportunities to be part of a national competition for all levels of riders, no matter where you live or how well you ride.

This new format is designed to bring the competition to riders, and embraces and promotes existing events across the country.

The MTBA National Cup has been developed to encourage greater participation and recognise individual rider achievements across the disciplines of Cross-Country, Downhill, Marathon & Gravity Enduro over a 12-month period. All riders will have the ability to earn a national ranking anytime from January to December each year.


How’s it Work?

  • The competition is a rankings format and riders earn MTBA National Cup points every time they participate in a National Cup event.
  • You can improve your ranking (and points tally) by competing in more and/or higher tier listed events (there is a total of six tier levels)
  • Each tier level varies the amount of National Cup points that are available to add to your overall tally (e.g. win a Tier 2 event and receive 200 points, however, win a Tier 1 event and receive 300 points, see the multiplier table below)
  • Your highest 12 scores count throughout the year (per discipline / category) to give you your final year points tally and overall National Cup ranking.


What Else Should I Know?

  • Disciplines in the National Cup are Gravity Enduro, Downhill, Cross-Country Marathon, Cross Country (includes Stage Races and Cross-Country Short Course).
  • MTBA does not charge participants to be a part of the MTBA National Cup, but you will need to pay the applicable event entry fee, for every event you enter.
  • MTBA Affiliated Clubs can list their events on the National Cup calendar throughout the year (as per the timeframes provided in the National Cup Host Guide)
  • All MTBA Affiliated Clubs are provided one Tier 3 event (free of listing fees) per calendar year
  • Points accrued for participation in XCO SR1 and SR2 Stage Race and Cross-Country Short Course events will be combined with your XCO points to determine the highest ranked Cross-Country riders in Australia. Team based events are not applicable.

For the full details, view the MTBA National Cup Participant or Host Guides (click here)


Get Set for 2019…

Clubs have begun registering for 2019, with many more to come.

Riders, this is the opportunity to build your journey. Watch your own progress throughout the year and structure your success around National Cup events. You have the potential to compete on a national stage, in your own clubs back yard


National Cup – Tier Levels

Competition Type


Points Multiplier

Tier 3

Introductory Event (Club based)

x 0.50

Tier 2

Emerging Events (Regional based)

x 1.00

Tier 1

Established Events (State based)

x 1.50

Marquee Events

MTBA selected key events throughout the year

x 2.00

State Championship

Sanctioned MTBA State Championships

x 2.50

National Championships

MTBA National Championships

x 3.00


So, don’t wait – check if your Club has listed an event, visit our calendar to view those already registered and get ready to be a part of the new National MTB competition for all riders, all levels in all locations….






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