National Commissaire

Becoming a Mountain Bike National Level Commissaire


Part 1 of the National Commissaire process:

  1. Be actively participating as a Club/Regional Commissaire at MTB events for a least 2 years,  submit an activity log of your commissaire activities to
  2. Hold a membership with MTBA during your accreditation period.
  3. Hold a current Working with Children Check relevant to the state or territory in which you will be working.
  4. Download the MTBA – Commissaire Manual, National Level Technical Regulations, and UCI Regulations Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport and Part IV: Mountain Bike read through them. 
  5. Complete the E-Learning module located at the bottom of this page and achieve over 80% – It should take about 60 minutes.


Part 2 of the National Commissaire Process:

  1. Attendance at one (min) event (approved by MTBA) in a learning capacity.
  2. Successful completion of the workbooks at the event, to be signed off by the Assessing Commissaire.
  3. Submit a completed Code of Conduct – Individual Agreement Form.

The course is conducted by Mountain Bike Australia, future course dates can be found on the Upcoming Courses Page.


Once these steps are complete, MTBA will send you an updated Membership Card displaying your new Commissaire Accreditation. 

It is important to keep a Duty Log for events you Commissaire at for future reference and for upgrading to National Commissaire level in the future.


Complete the E-Learning

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