Commissaire Course Party

The club has decided to host a Commissaire Party!

If you are interested in becoming a Commissaire, then please join us for a fun session of sitting at a table completing the course online, together! I can’t think of a better afternoon personally.

We are hoping to make this a fun time, filled with riding and food, in an attempt to ultimately build our Commissaire pool in the club.

Age: Sorry, this is an adults-only party – you must be 18+ to be a commissaire
2.30pm – Meet at David A and George L house to complete the Commissaire Course online (30-60mins)
3.30pm – Head out for a ride (you must complete the course first!)
4.30/5.00pm – Replenish our energy stores through nutrition and hydration
Later in the evening – Go home and go to bed a happy person

What to bring:
– computer/tablet/device of some sort for completing the course online
– bike, helmet, spares (if riding afterwards)
– a dish for the main meal or for dessert (if staying for Dinner after the ride)
– growth mindset 

What do you get?
– a fun red cap when you successfully complete all the requirements to become a commissaire
– the ability to be a commissaire at club events 

What is a commissaire and a commissaire course?
Club/Regional Commissaire – a course specifically targeted at the official who desires to assist in the conduct of club and regional level racing. The course requires candidates to complete the Club/Regional Level E-Learning Module

You can make a valuable contribution by becoming a trained and accredited Mountain Bike Commissaire and officiating at your Club/Regional events.


  1. Download the MTBA – Commissaire Manual and Club / Regional Technical Regulations and read through them. 
  2. Establish Membership with MTBA if you are not already a member.
  3. Complete the E-Learning module located at the bottom of this page and achieve over 80% – It should take about 30-60 minutes.
  4. Submit a current Working With Children Check to
    Note each state has different requirements in relation to Working with Children – please check the rules relevant to your state.
  5. Submit a completed Code of Conduct – Individual Agreement Form to 

Once these steps are complete, MTBA will send you a Commissaire Cap and an updated Membership Card displaying your new Commissaire Accreditation. 

It is important to keep a Duty Log for events you Commissaire at for future reference and for upgrading to National Commissaire level in the future.

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