2018 PDMBC Downhill State Series Round 3


Wellington Mills

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2018

Saturday Registration and practice:

Late Rego will be open 11am-3pm on Saturday.

Practice: Track open 11.30am-4pm Saturday (Depending on Marshals).

Sunday Registration and Race:

Late rego will be open 8am-9am

Practice: Track open from 8am-10:30am

Racing: 11am-3pm

PricesTrack side rego will incur a $20 late fee

If you have issues with online registration, please email pdmbc@hotmail.com and we will try to assist.

This is a shuttled event and therefore is priced to cover the cost of buses and drivers. 

  • Senior club members $100
  • Junior club members $80 (U13, U15 & U17)
  • Club Membership is $30

Proof of Membership and MTBA License required (Day licenses available)

Online rego link –   https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=5551


Online registration closes on:   Thursday 17/05/2018 at midnight.

Services Provided:

  • Toilets
  • St John Ambulance to provide first aid (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Sausages, Burgers and cold drinks available for purchase at the canteen adjacent to rego
  • Shuttle buses

Volunteers will be required to make this round happen!

Bring a Volunteer and receive ½ price registration cash refund for the event.

We need:

·8-10 Marshalls (no experience needed, food supplied for the day)

·Canteen helpers

·4-5 people to help set up and dismantle

Conditions of entry.

If you do not have any of these items, you will not be able to race (No grey areas). Please read MTBA Technical Regulations (https://www.mtba.org.au/wp-content/uploads/Mountain-Bike-Tecnical-Regulations-National-Level-Events_PUBLISH15NOV.pdf)

As per: Mountain Bike Technical Regulations: National Level Events (Version 1.0, 15 November 2017)

3.7. Clothing Requirements

3.7.1. General Clothing requirements There is no restriction on advertising that may appear on clothing, helmets or equipment used by the rider (except for the race number plate) at any level of mountain bike racing in Australia. The only exception is the Australian National Team, Australian Championship and World Championship jerseys that must comply with the relevant UCI regulations. Bicycle helmets that satisfy the current Australian or equivalent  international standards are compulsory in all MTBA sanctioned events. See Appendix A & B. Helmets must be fastened at all times whilst on a bicycle. Helmets must be in good condition and fit for purpose. Helmets used in MTB events that use public roads must be approved by Australian Standards

only. All helmets used will be inspected for compliance as determined by the presence of an appropriate compliance sticker. Closed toe footwear must be worn at all times while practicing and competing in MTBA sanctioned events. Singlets must not be worn while practicing or competing at MTBA sanctioned events. Helmet, chest and similarly mounted cameras are permitted if they do not compromise the riders safety or mandatory safety equipment in any way (i.e. mounts must not be drilled into helmets). The use of such devices is ultimately at the discretion of the Chief Commissaire. Riders are not permitted to wear headphones or other similar music/communication devices during practice and competition.


3.9. Downhill and Four Cross Clothing Requirements

3.9.1. Full-face helmets with a fixed non-detachable mouth-piece are mandatory at all MTBA sanctioned events.

3.9.2. A jersey or shirt covering the elbows must be worn as a minimum. 3/4 length jerseys are acceptable.

3.9.3. Knees must be covered by full-length trousers and/or self-fastening knee or knee/shin guards expressly designed for off-road cycling.

3.9.4. Under 15 and Under 17 categories, the following equipment is mandatory at all times while on track: Full-finger gloves must be worn; Full length jersey – jersey must cover elbows at all times Knee pads and elbow pads must be worn.

3.9.5. MTBA strongly recommends the use of the following; Neck brace expressly designed for off-road cycling; Back and shoulder protection expressly designed for the purpose; Full finger gloves; Elbow protectors and/or long sleeve jersey to the wrist; Goggles expressly designed for the purpose.

3.10. Bicycle Requirements

3.10.1 General Equipment Requirements All bikes must be presented upon registration and riders will not be given a start plate until their competition bike fulfils the requirements as stated below. All bikes must have two working brakes, one front and one rear. All bikes must be fitted with handlebar plugs. All bikes must have a maximum wheel diameter size of 29 inches. All bikes are subject to random inspection throughout the course of an event and those bikes not meeting the above requirements will be forfeited from immediate competition and not allowed back into competition until deemed satisfactory by a race official.

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