Welcome to the first edition of the Technical Newsletter for Commissaires, Instructors and Coaches.

This newsletter has been designed to provide relevant information on changes happening in the sport of Mountain Biking.

Should you have a particular query, please make contact with us and we will endeavour to source the information you are seeking.

Changes to the Code of Conduct and Child Safe Framework Code of Behaviour

Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) is committed to providing a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone involved in the organisation and in the sport. This includes providing everyone involved in the organisation and in the sport with a positive and enriching sporting environment that promotes their participation and development in the sport and ensures that they feel and are safe.

Accordingly, MTBA has adopted these codes to assist with defining what is appropriate (and inappropriate) conduct and to ensure that its personnel strive for the highest possible standards with respect to safeguarding children and young people from abuse.

As part of our commitment to observing these codes commissaires, volunteers and MTBA accredited coaches, instructors and presenters are required to be aware of these changes and agree to these when they renew their accreditation.
Read the Code of Conduct for Members and Affiliated Organisations
Read the Child Safe Frame Work Code of Behaviour

Changes to the MOS for Commissaires

New functions have been added to MTBA Online Services (MOS) to assist Commissaires who need to pull reports to assist with race start lists. Reports include National Championship Data and National Cup Data. 

Further information will be sent separately to Commissaires.

Accreditation Renewal Required Soon

Does your accreditation expire on 31 December 2019?

If so, in October 2019 you will received an email from MTBA with information on how to renew your Coach / Instructor / Commissaire accreditation for another 4 years. A key requirement is to have a current log of your activities, start now to steam line the process. Templates are available below. 
Coaching Log Book Template
Commissaire Duty Log Template

WWC & FA Expiry Reminders

MTBA's Online Services System is set up to send out reminders when your Working with Children and First Aid Certificates are due to expire. You will get a email warning 60 days out from the date on our system.

Please note that you are not covered by MTBA's insurance if this has expired.  All levels of coach and instructors need to have a current Working with Children Check and First Aid Certificate. While all levels of commissaire need to have a current Working  with Children.
Incident Communication Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the line of communication and actions to be implemented by Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) Directors, staff, contractors and appointed officials in the event of a death, serious injury or incident at a MTBA delivered or sanctioned event, workshop, course, program or activity.

It is important that incidents are reported, recorded and managed effectively to minimise their escalation.
Incident Communication Procedure
Incident Report From
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