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REMINDER: Changes to the Technical Regulations came into effective 1 Jan 2020

The revision and updates of the Technical Regulations is the first iteration in a complete overhaul of the Technical Regulations.
The intent is to:
  • encompass the initial bringing together of several variants of MTBA and CA (Cyclo-cross) Technical Regulations under a single document of like structure to the UCI Technical Regulations;
  • to reflect the advent of the National Cup competition and remove redundant references to past competition formats, and to;
  • address identified specific rule and policy changes as recommended by the MAC – Sport & Technical Group.
The second iteration, in 2021, will further refine the document structure and content, including rewriting the GE and CX sections to better reflect the adopted style and structure and to remove ambiguities and detail referenced in preceding sections.
New Technical Regulations Document - Effective 1 Jan 2020

MTBA Webinar Series - Return to Mountain Biking in a COVID-19 Environment

MTBA recently delivered successful webinars for Coaches and Instructors, Commissaire and for Clubs and Event Organisers.  The purpose of these was for members of the MTB community to learn practical strategies to get the community back into organised MTB activity in a COVID-19 Environment. 

During the webinar, we ran through the resources and links available on the MTBA Website, talked about practical steps the MTB community can implement State/Territory guidelines to gradually and safely resume mountain bike activities now that restrictions are starting to ease. It’s important for organisations and individuals to take precautionary measures and formulate a plan to mitigate the risks of COVID-19.

Check out the webinars and the MTBA COVID-19 Resources Page at the links below.
Webinar for Coaches and Instructors
Webinar for Commissaires
Webinar for Clubs and Event Organisers
MTBA COVID Resources Page
Race Report Forms to be completed by Commissaires

With the resumption of MTB events around the country, it is a timely reminder to Commissaires that with each event you assist, you should be completing a Race Report Form and an Incident Report Form, if there is something that MTBA needs to know about. 

Identifying and reporting incidents and hazards help commissaires, clubs and MTBA to understand how to provide safe events for all involved.  These can also be used to influence policies and Technical Regulations to ensure the development of safety-focused documents.
MTBA Race Report Form
MTBA Incident Report Form
UCI E-Mountain Bike Changes

E-Mountain Bike regulations were slightly adapted by the UCI following the 2019 season. A clarification was added to indicate that the discipline only allows the use of Pedelec-type bikes (where power is only provided when the rider is pedalling).
In view of the constant and rapid development of this new discipline and to prevent it becoming overregulated, this change to the regulations allows organisers to create specific regulations in a technical guide to be used by Commissaires in conjunction with the UCI Regulations.

UCI Part IV: Mountain Bike - Rules amendments in force on 11.02.2020
UCI Part IV: Mountain Bike
Inclusive Online Coaching Course

This free online interactive course is aimed at community coaches. The course covers the follwing topics:

  • Introduction to inclusive coaching
  • Inclusion, diversity and discrimination
  • Understanding the individual
  • Modifying your coaching practice
The course is short, user-friendly and feature the latest interactive technology, including case studies, practical scenarios and a quiz. The modules may be done in part, or all at once. Users who successfully finish all modules and their assessment quizzes can print a certificate of completion.
Inclusive Coaching Course
New Trans and Gender Diverse resources

A suite of new tools and resources developed by Sport Australia, in partnership with the Australian Human Rights Commission to help communicate the key aims and messages of the recently launched Transgender & Gender Diverse Guidelines.
Trans and Gender Diverse Resouces
Australian Coaching Council - COVID-19 Safe Sport Coach Certification Program

This new on-line course has been developed for Coaches/Trainers of all sports to conduct training and coaching sessions during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Staying up to date with the current guidelines, you will learn the fundamental knowledge required to conduct coaching sessions and give your athletes the confidence to return to their regular training in a safe and protected environment. The on-line program will take about 30 minutes to complete. It is provided as a free service to the sport and coaching community.
Safe Sport COVID-19 Certification
New ASADA Course - Clean Sport 101
ASADA has released a new online course for grassroots and pathway athletes – Clean Sport 101.
Clean Sport 101 is a simple 15 minute course which gives a snapshot of the rules, the potential dangers, with helpful hints and resources to help keep athletes clean and fair throughout their sporting journey.
It is designed for young, pathway athletes early in their careers who are very unlikely to be tested. Clean Sport 101 was developed in response to feedback from sports, parents and athletes who wanted a less technical option than the Level 1 course for younger athletes.
ASADA - Clean Sport 101
'How to ...' Videos on MyMTB.TV

MTBA has also created some 'How to Videos' for instructors wanting to step up their skills. Take some time out to watch these for your personal riding skills but also with an 'instructor hat' on. 

While watching the video take notes on the following and practice these during your sessions:
  • How are the skills described
  • What is the break down of the skill
  • What kind of language is the presenter using
  • What is the run out like
How to Ride - Berms
How to Ride - Mount and Dismount CX Style
How to Ride - Rock Gardens
How to Ride - Steep Climbs
How to Ride - Switch Backs
How to Ride - Ride Drop Offs
How to Ride - Pump the Trails
First Aid in a COVID-19 Environment

Have you been thinking about how you can safely administer First Aid in a COVID-19 Environment?

Check out the 24 minute mark on the Coach and Instructors Webinar for further info and advice.
Webinar for Coaches and Instructors
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