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Operations Team Core Values

At MTBA we demonstrate the value of Accountability by …
Working ethically and honestly; taking ownership for our actions, behaviours and tasks; owning our successes and striving for continuous improvement, through ongoing reflection and feedback.

At MTBA we demonstrate the value of Cooperation by …
Working collectively as a team to achieve common goals; by valuing everyone’s contributions, commitments and time frames in a respectful manner; and developing and maintaining positive connections.

At MTBA we demonstrate the value of Inclusion by …
Embracing and fostering everyone’s diversity; valuing every team member and recognising their rights and beliefs, and maintaining a workplace of unconditional positive regard where there are no barriers.

At MTBA we demonstrate the value of Leadership by …
Working to support and inspire others to achieve and develop capacity by providing direction and mentoring.

At MTBA we demonstrate the value of Responsibility by …
Working autonomously, owning outcomes and striving to always achieve the highest standards possible. Working compliantly with regard for the law and regulations, acting professionally and speaking up without compromise.

At MTBA we demonstrate the value of Transparency by…
Behaving, communicating and performing openly, honestly and authentically in an arena of mutual trust and respect.


MTBA Staff Contact Details

Shane Coppin
Chief Executive Officer
Denise Cox
Chief Operating Officer
Evan James
Sport Manager


Rider Development


Lauren Monds
Finance Manager

Finance Administration

Mathew Hey
Business Development Manager

Digital Platforms


Brand Management


Jo Mackey
Media and Communications

Stakeholder Communication

Media Liaison

Social Media


Andrew Miller
Technical Delegate (Part Time)

National Cup

National Championships


Ashleigh Marshall
Events Coordinator

National Cup

National Championships

Event Administrations

Joshua-Kaleb (JK) Faulkner
Member Services

MTBA Private Promoters 


Member Enquiries

Stefanie Moertl
Member Services

MTBA Clubs

Member Enquiries

Insurance Claims

Cearna (CC) McKenzie
Education Coordinator

Program Coordination
   – Coaches
   – Commissaires



Brooke Stevenson
Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant to the
– Chief Executive Officer, and
– Chief Operating Officer


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