Mountain Bike Australia Ltd would like to reinforce the responsibilites clubs and private promoters have in regards to vehicle safety and laws when hosting an MTBA sanctioned event.

In all Australian States and Territories the wearing of a seatbelt is compulsory in all moving vehicles.

Drivers of a motor vehicle are responsible for passengers under 16 years old to be properly restrained.

Passengers aged 16 years and older who do not use an available seatbelt will be fined.

A person must occupy a proper seating position with a dedicated seatbelt. It is illegal and unsafe to have too many people in a car, especially sitting on the floor or on other person's lap.

Make sure your club/organisation is familiar with all road and vehicle safety laws in your respective state/territory, irrespective of public or private roads.

If an incident does occur and it was found that a vehicle was operated outside of the law, insurance will NOT cover such circumstances.

Please ensure volunteers and riders are briefed appropriately prior to use of event vehicles and at the commencement of a race regarding on-course safety for all.

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