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Welcome to Edition 5 of the Club & Private Promoter specific newsletter. 


MTBA Strategic Plan 2016 - 2021

There are currently over 14,000 members, 175 affiliated clubs and private promoters, 207 coaches and 200 officials supporting the activity of mountain biking in Australia.  One of the challenges for MTBA is identifying the key target markets and remaining relevant to such a diverse market in order to ensure membership growth.

After an extensive strategic planning process involving the MTBA Management Committee and staff MTBA's Strategic Plan 2016 -2021 has been developed with this challenge in mind.  To read the new Strategic Plan click here.

MTBA has three core business units or pillars that under pin this Strategic Plan, and operational plans have been developed for each to guide service delivery.


There has been a number of recent upgrades and changes made to the event system as part of MTBA's Online Services portal.

Recreation Permits

Recreation Permits are available for non-MTBA members to purchase through MTBA Online Services for Recreation and Coach/Skills events. This provides public liability and personal accident cover for the participant while participating in the club activity.

         Senior Recreation Permit    |    19 years +                       $10.00

         Junior Recreation Permit    |    18 years and under          $  7.00

Purchase is optional, however if the participant chooses not to purchase the recreation permit, they must read and acknowledge the waiver explaining they take complete responsibility for their participation and are responsible for any expenses should they be held liable for a negligent act or suffer personal injury.

If your club would like to make the purchase of the permit mandatory you could make it a rule in your club operating procedures and/or social ride procedures.

Event Contact Details

Contact details including name, phone number and email address have been added to the event setup to provide participants with the best contact person for event related questions.

Day Licence and Recreation Permit 'rules'

Prior to June 2016, the requirements for the purchase of a Day Licence were based on the Categories selected in the event portal. From June 2016 this changed to be dictated by the type of event. This change provides more flexibility when setting up events within MTBA Online Services.

    Social Event    |     Available for all-non riding activities. Day Licences not applicable.

    Recreation      |     Non-race activities. Recreation Permits are available to purchase.

    Club / PP        |     Race Event. Day Licences apply for non-MTBA members 

    Cyclo-cross     |     No Day Licence is charged as entrants can hold a current MTBA or                                    Cycling Australia Licence to race. Non members will need to                                            purchase a Day Licence prior to racing.

    State              |     State level race event. Day Licences apply for non-MTBA members

    Coach / Skills Clinic  |     Recreation Permits are available to purchase.


State Championships & State Series Recognition

MTBA recently released the new National Recognition of State Championship and State Series Event program which is to be rolled out from January 2017.

This initiative provides a number of valuable and positive outcomes for mountain biking in Australia.

In essence, national recognition of state events will provide the opportunity for riders to represent their state at National level events as either State Champion or State Series Champion.

Further, this initiative establishes a clearer pathway for riders progressing from club, regional, state, national and potentially to international level.

From feedback received to date, MTBA wish to clarify the following points:
- State Recognition is optional;
- an Event Management template can be provided by MTBA to reduce workload for organisers; 
- In reference to section 3.1 (E & F), EOI applications will be accepted without these supporting documents, however will be required prior to the event taking place;
- MTBA will investigate options for providing recognised State Champions with discounted entry into National Championships.

Details of how host organisers can apply and seek national recognition of their events can be found in the document below.

Please contact the MTBA office should you require any further information or clarification around this program.

CLICK HERE to download the 2017 National Recognition of State Championship & State Series Event Information & EOI Document


Expressions of Interest for CX & GE National Series Hosts 2017

MTBA will be releasing EOI documents for the 2017 Cyclo-Cross and Gravity Enduro National Series in the coming weeks. For clubs and/or promoters who may be interested in hosting a round of either National Series, be sure to keep and eye on the MTBA website. Information will also be circulated to clubs and private promoters via email once available.


Employment Opportunities - Junior Development

Positions are currently open for application in MTBA Junior Development.

We are seeking a Junior Cyclocross Coordinator to assist with preparing athletes for the World Championships in Luxemborg in January 2017.

There is also an opportunity for a Junior Downhill Coordinator to work with athletes from regional areas at National level events as well as manage the U19 Downhill team at the 2017 World Championships in Cairns.

Details of both positions can be found on our Employment page here.


Regional Junior Development Squads

Applications are still open for Junior Development Squads with the following squads still waiting on minimum numbers to proceed:

     Sunshine Coast QLD (XC)
     Canberra ACT (Gravity)
     Southern Highlands NSW (XC)

The focus of the program is skilled based group training sessions with the ultimate goal of attending and performing at a minimum of one national level event over the course of the 9 month programme. The programme will also introduce athletes to basic fitness testing, information on anti-doping, nutrition as well as conduct in the MTBA high performance environment.

Riders will also receive a minimum 36 hours of face to face coaching with squad sizes capped at 10. Applicants must be aged 14-18 as at 31 December 2017 to be eligible for the program. Cost $550.

If you know of any riders that would be interested in taking up this opportunity, please direct them to the following entry link.

If your club has an accredited coach who is interested in coordinating a squad in your area, please contact Jodie Willett, Development Coach at


Old Day Licence and Recreation Permit Books

A large majority of clubs and promoters have returned their old permit books however there are still a handful we have not received. We can no longer accept the old permits and must receive the books back in order to send out the new Permit Books. Please return these to PO Box 377, Varisty Lakes QLD 4227 with any outstanding monies owed. Any questions please phone Member Services on 07 5628 0110.


Come 'n' Try Day Program

We have received great feed back from our clubs that have held Come 'n' Try Days over the past few months. It is always exciting to hear of more people experiencing mountain biking and what better way than an organised fun event

For those clubs still to organise an event, remember the Come 'n' Try Day, MTBA will provide insurance cover to all participants FREE OF CHARGE regardless of whether they are MTBA Members or not. It can be a race or a social event (however it must be a NEW event and cannot be an existing event in your club's calendar). Clubs are eligible for one (1) Come ‘n’ Try Day event every 12 months. For more information and to register your event for approval, please visit the Come 'n' Try Day rules and regulations HERE.


Club Resources

The Club Resources page - - contains a wealth of information including running an organisation, good governance practices, recruiting and retaining volunteers, planning for the future, event management, volunteer videos, valuable sites and more.

To add to this, MTBA have three handbooks available to loan out to interested clubs. Providing guidance and examples across a number of different areas, MTBA's goal is to have as many clubs gain access to these resources as possible.

If your club would like to borrow one of these handbooks, please register your interest here.

~ Making Meetings Work | Conquering the challenges and getting great results

~ How to Stand Out from the Crowd | The Complete Marketing & Media Handbook   for Community Organisations

~ Effective Letters 50 of the Best | Model letters to help community organisations fundraise, connect, lobby, organise & influence


"How to Guides" - MTBA Online Services

New "How to Guides" have been uploaded to MTBA Online Services, available to all Club and Private Promoter Administrators.

To access these resources, login to the Online Services website here. Once logged in select “Club Forms” from the Club Administration menu.

Please email or phone Lauren at 07 5628 0110 to request specific “How to Guides.” 


Extreme Weather is on its way...

Before the summer storms and heat hits, it is a good time to familiarise ourselves with safety precautions to prevent damage to property and protect the safety of riders. 

MTBA has documents on the Publications Page of the website which can assist, these include the MTBA Bush Fire Policy and Hot Weather Guidelines.


Feedback invited on the Australian Adventure Activity Standards

Feedback is invited on the Australian Adventure Activities Standards, which provides a new national approach to safety for outdoor adventure activities. For the first time ever, organisations across Australia have come together to develop a single set of standards to manage risk and safety across a wide range of activities.

Examples include abseiling, mountain biking, scuba diving, horse trail riding, bushwalking, four-wheel driving and archery.

To have your say and find out more please visit


Funding Opportunities

Local Sport Grant Program - NSW

The overall objectives of this Program are to:
     •    Increase regular and on-going participation in sport or structured physical activity.
     •    Address barriers to participation in sport or structured physical activity.
     •    Assist sport clubs provide quality service to their members.
There are four project types within the Program:
     1.    Sport Development
     2.    Community Sport Events
     3.    Sport Access
     4.    Facility Development.

Applications close 11 November 2016.


Active Club Program - SA

The Active Club Program helps active recreation and sports clubs with:
     •    program and equipment (up to $5,000)
     •    facility upgrade requests up to $25,000 on a $1 for $1 basis.

It has two funding rounds per year:
     1. facility requests and program and equipment (Round 41),
     2. program and equipment requests only (Round 42).

Round 42 is currently open and closes 24 October 2016.

Sporting Club Grants Program - VIC

The Sporting Club Grants Program opening in December 2016, provides grants to purchase uniforms and equipment and increase the skills of coaches, officials and managers.  MTBA have spoken to Sport and Recreation Victoria to confirm that MTB Clubs in Victoria are eligible for funding through this program.

 The program has three funding categories:

Category 1: Uniforms or Equipment - Grants up to $1000 to purchase uniforms or other equipment essential for participation.

Category 2: Skill Development - Grants up to $2000 to improve the skills of club members by providing training for coaches, officials, administration staff and management committees.

Category 3: Club Operational Capacity - Grants up to $5000 to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of clubs through strategic planning or, to increase community participation through accessible sport and active recreation opportunities.


Two Free Webinars

Sports Community are excited to announce their Webinar series "Making it easier for you to volunteer at your club" covering a variety of topics through out November and December. 

Topics include:

• So you're the treasurer, now what?                                   | More info here | 

Designed for those who have volunteered or have been volunteered to take on one of the most important jobs. 

• So you're on the committee, now what?                            | More info here |

Designed for club administrators, committee members and club members who wish to learn how to effectively run a Committee meeting and Annual General Meeting. 

• Show me the money                                                           | More info here |

Often a question asked is "how do we raise more money for out club?" With the help of experts in their field a series of 3 webinars to help your club raise valuable funds.

• Sponsorship for sports clubs made easy                            | More info here |

Designed for club administrators, committee members and club members who wish to learn how to attract and retain sponsors to their clubs. 

• Using Social Media and Comms tools                                 | More info here |

This Series is designed to help you use social media and online communication to help your club, association or team achieve their goals and minimise the workload of volunteers.


New MTBA Member Benefit coming soon....

MTBTips and MTBA are joining forces to provide MTBA members, with an incredible discount on The Groover Method - A Step-by-Step Skills Guide That Teaches You The Real Secrets To Becoming a Highly Dynamic and Awesomely Capable Mountain Biker. Look out in the upcoming Member newsletter for the MTBA member discount code.  In the meantime, read up on The Groover Method and other great MTB tips here.


Trail Forks App 

MTBA considered developing a free app to provide a one-stop shop of places to MTB ride in Australia.  However, given the number of free apps already available that provide this information, MTBA decided to encourage Clubs and members to make use of an existing app.

Trailforks, is a free mountain bike trail database and management system for riders, clubs and associations and is owned by Pinkbike.  Many MTB clubs, trail care alliances and riders within Australia already use Trailforks to log trail networks, places to ride, submit trail reports and add photos and videos.   There is also a facility for users to make donations (Trail Karma) to clubs and associations to assist with trail maintenance and construction activities.

Trailforks relies on the fact that there are thousands of people out riding every day, many of whom share their experiences via GPS devices. Trailforks provides an opportunity to share trail information in a central location under a structure where every individual contribution accumulates and adds to the value of the database for the benefit of the entire mountain biking community.  Users also help moderate the site by voting to approve or deny new trails and report bad data.

The Trailforks downloadable app is user friendly and allows users to download offline trail maps for use while out riding.

Trailforks is also a valuable tool in providing data to assist with painting a picture of the MTB landscape and community in Australia. 


Insurance Reminder

In June, MTBA prepared and released some FAQ’s covering insurance for clubs and trail building activities.  Just a reminder that these FAQ’s can be found here on the Trails section of the MTBA website.  Clubs affiliated with MTBA are provided with insurance cover for a range of activities including voluntary trail building activities. 

Further information on the summary of insurance for clubs, private promoters and accredited coaches with upgraded cover can be found on the insurance section of our website.


New Italy MTB Forest

MTBA regularly liaises with Clubs, Councils and other land management agencies in regards to trail development projects.  Recently there seems to have been an increase in the number of regions striving to become the next Australian MTB destination with many more stakeholders recognising the social, health and economic benefits of mountain biking.

Late last month MTBA attended the official opening of the first stage of purpose built MTB trails at the New Italy Mountain Bike Forest located in Doubleduke State Forest at Tabbimoble, Northern NSW.  The Northern Rivers Dirty Wheels Mountain Bike Club in partnership with Forestry Corporation of NSW have established 20 kilometres of mainly beginner trails plus a car park and signage.  There are plans to further develop the network with the addition of 15 kilometres of more technical trails.  

The open day was a huge success with Club Secretary; Sheryn Da Re reporting approximately 350 riders attended the opening.  For more information on the trails and to download a map, visit the club website


Mountain Bike Trail Workshops

Is your club interested in hosting a Trail Development and Maintenance workshop or would you like to find out more about the workshops?  If so let us know by emailing


Something to Share?

Is there someone you know in the mountain bike community that has a great story that should be told? 

Is there an interesting story surrounding how your club came about?

MTBA is keen to hear from you and help bring the stories within the club and the community to life.

Send through a little spiel to and we'll get back to you.

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