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Welcome to Edition 3 of the Club & Private Promoter specific newsletter. 


From the President

The recent spate of severe weather has seen some events either cancelled or postponed.   I realise that Australian Consumer Laws relating to refunds can place a financial and organisational burden on some clubs and promoters, but in the end, your actions demonstrate to Governments and Landowners that mountain bikers are responsible land and trail users and are willing to be pro-active to avoid damage.   Thank you to the clubs and promoters who have had to take this action with their events.

Russ Baker AM

President, MTBA 


Winter is coming!!

Thank you to all the Clubs and Private Promoters for your patience in waiting for the next Newsletter! We have had a busy 5 months to start the year streamlining the services MTBA offer to members, clubs and private promoters. We also got to experience the National Series, National Champs and Cairns World Cup. This has afforded us the opportunity to catch up with some of you face-to-face and to communicate with others via phone and email.

As Winter approaches we will be implementing a number of improvements in the membership area. The following details a number of these changes including additional membership fees, day licenses and MTBA Online Service improvements.

Please feel free to speak with the Members Services Team with any questions.


Updated MTBA Online Services / Register Now URL

Mountain Bike Australia has recently changed over to a new URL for the MTBA Online Services (Register Now) portal. Please update any links on your website, Facebook pages, etc. There is a re-direction currently in place however we ask you update these links as soon as possible.

The new URL is:        


Club Come 'n' Try Day Program

Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) is excited to introduce the Come 'n' Try Day Program as an opportunity to promote Mountain Biking.

MTBA will provide insurance cover to all participants FREE OF CHARGE regardless of whether they are MTBA members or not.

This Come 'n' Try Day can be a race or a social event (however it must be a NEW event and cannot be an existing event in your club's calendar). Clubs are eligible for one (1) Come ‘n’ Try Day event every 12 months.

Information has been emailed to Club Officers earlier this week and included a link to register your event. 


MTBA Membership Changes Coming July 1 2016

Mountain Bike Australia’s Management Committee recently endorsed a number of changes to MTBA membership effective from July 1. These changes include:

1.  Allowing MTBA members to be a member of more than one MTBA affiliated Club.

• Examples of where this recommendation is relevant is in situations where members relocate, want to support multiple Clubs or support the Club(s) that work to maintain their local trails. This change will be implemented through the Register Now Membership system, allowing members on their renewal to sign up to a primary club and secondary clubs simultaneously. The member will appear on the membership records of these clubs 


2.  Make membership of MTBA, for participation in Club social activities optional.This involves:

     a)  Remove the mandatory requirement that Club members must be a member of        MTBA for recreation/social activities; and

     b)  Remove the mandatory requirement that non-MTBA members must purchase          the $7.00 Recreation Permit to participate in social activities.

Membership of a MTBA Club remains compulsory for participating in races, either via a Race Membership or day license.

MTBA members are covered for Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance for all MTB related activities.


3.  Introduction of optional one-day Recreation Permits for non-MTBA members participating in official Club Recreation/Social activities.

Recreation Day Permits will now include Personal Accident in addition to Public Liability cover.

     a)  Junior 18 years and under: $7.00

     b)  Senior 19 years and older: $10.00

The option to purchase a Recreation Day Permit has also been added to MTBA Online Services.


4.  Introduction of a 12-month Recreation membership for Juniors at a cost of $35 + Club Fee.

Currently the Recreation membership fee is $55.00 + Club fee for all ages. The new Junior Recreation Membership will be introduced for members 18 years and younger.


5.  Introduction of a Race Day License fee of $15.00 for non-MTBA members aged 18 years and under and for all MTBA Recreation members.

This feature has been added to MTBA Online Services and will automatically be implemented.


6.  Introduction of a Junior Value-Add Membership for CA & BMXA members (aged 18 years and under) at a cost of $60 for 12 months.

• Currently the Value-Add membership is targeted at Senior riders, however MTBA acknowledges there are a huge number of junior riders that would benefit from a Junior Value-Add membership. Proof of CA or BMXA membership with a minimum of 3 months remaining is required when processing Value-Add memberships.


7.  New MTBA Day Licence / Participation permit books will be sent to clubs and Private Promoters. This will include the updated prices inserted into each book to be used at events as required.

We will require clubs and private promoters to return all books to MTBA prior to July 1, 2016. Only once they are returned, then the new books will be issued.*

*  If you have events running between 20th June and 11th July please advise the Members Services Team to organise books for those events.


PLEASE NOTE: Following the introduction of these membership changes, your club will need to update the Club Fees on the MTBA Online Services system to ensure each member is being charged the correct club fee.


MTBA Affiliation Changes Coming July 1 2016

The following changes will be adopted in regards to affiliation from July 1, 2016:

1.  Revision of Club and Private Promoter renewal to ensure all details are kept up-to-date within the MTBA Online Services system.  This will involve:

     -  Introduction of a revised Club Affiliation form that must be completed and                returned in its entirety for the Member Service Officers to promptly update club            details and renew the affiliation

     -  Audit of Day Licence / Participation permits used over the 12 month  period to          ensure all paperwork has been received by MTBA

 2.  It will become a requirement for clubs affiliated with MTBA that are also affiliated with either Cycling Australia or BMXA, to have a minimum of 30% of its membership as current MTBA members.

This new requirement must be implemented by clubs within the next 18 months.


Insurance Options for Mass Participation Races

MTBA now provide Clubs and Private Promoters the option to purchase an insurance package for mass participation races that covers all riders for personal accident and public liability insurance regardless of whether they are an MTBA Race member or not.

This fee is in lieu of charging individuals a Day Licence fee and provides Clubs and Private Promoters with the opportunity to set a single entry fee payable by all riders.

• Fees:

     - Up to 200 riders: $800.00 (minimum spend)

     - For every ride over 200, an additional $4.00 per rider

• An Event Plan including the attached MTBA - Club Mass Participation Checklist Cover sheet or MTBA - Private Promoter Checklist Cover sheet must be submitted to MTBA for approval. This includes key event details such as medical, officials qualifications, emergency access and evacuation plans, course map, traffic management plan and risk management plan.

• Clubs or Private Promoters will be invoiced at the minimum charge of $800.00 for up 200 riders prior to the event, with the exact participant numbers and participant details following the event for insurance and marketing purposes.

The following provides a summary of the insurance options Clubs and Private Promoters now have for mass participation races:



The MTBA Management Committee have rescinded the ruling that Club races with over 100 participants and Private Promoter (PP) delivered races need to have a Level 2 or 3 Commissaire.

The minimum requirement is now a Level 1 Commissaire, with the exception of State Level races and higher. This change is effective immediately.

The Level 1 Commissaire course is an online course available to any current MTBA member. Please click HERE for further information on commissaries, or HERE to sit the NOAS Level 1 Commissaire quiz.

If you are interested in sitting for a Level 2 or Level 3 Commissaires course, we currently have a form to register your interest. Please click HERE to fill in your details. 


Cyclocross Events - Setting up in MTBA Online Services

When setting up your Cyclocross events in the MTBA Online Services system, please be aware that the system will not automatically charge a Day Licence to any rider.

As MTBA accept either a MTBA or CA membership to participate, with the exception of National Champs, there is no way for the MTBA registration system to know if the rider is a current CA member or not. As a result the system would charge all non-MTBA members with a Day Licence which would mean a large number of refunds would need to be processed to the current CA members.

Instead, the event organiser can add a Day Licence fee to the Merchandise section of the MTBA Online Services Event registration for any non-member to purchase, or alternatively riders can purchase the Day Licence on the day at registration.

(PLEASE NOTE: Any Day Licence fees charged through the merchandise section of MTBA Online Services will need to have the correct $18.60 per rider remitted to MTBA following the event).


Online Services - How to Guides

The Member Services team are in the process of creating a range of Online Services “How to Guides” aimed at assisting clubs and private promoters through a variety of activities associated with the MTBA Online Services portal.

Currently available are the following resources:

-  Accessing club EFT invoices

-  Adjusting or adding Membership Fees

-  How to enter an event

To access these resources, login to the Online Services website here. Once logged in select “Club Forms” from the Club Administration menu.

Please email or phone Lauren at 07 5628 0110 to request specific “How to Guides.” 


MTBA Events Calendar

All Clubs and Private Promoters have the opportunity to load their event onto the MTBA Calendar even if you do not use the MTBA Online Services portal for your event registrations.

Once you enter the event details it needs to be published by an MTBA Administrator before it appears on the public calendar. This is checked frequently, however should you require your event to be published urgently please email to bring this to our attention.

The process is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. Head to and select "add event" button on the top left corner. 


Mountain Bike Counters

Does your trails have counters? MTBA are keen to gather as much data from around the Australian mountain bike trails are initially asking clubs and private promoters to let us know if your trails (or other local trails near you have counter).

Please email to let us know!


Social Media Toolkit

Tourism Research Australia in conjunction with SA Tourism Commission and Tourism Victoria have developed a tool kit to assist event organisers with using social media platforms to promote events and create strong attendance. 

It provides real, hands on, ‘how to’ lessons to help make the most of your resources to promote your event.

To access this toolkit click HERE.


Handy Club Tips & Tid Bits

As a club, do you have a handy tip to share with the fellow MTB community?

We hear great stories of programs, processes or just plain great ideas that clubs are implementing on a daily basis to make their club run more smoothly, target new members and ultimately spread the word about their club.

Fraser Coast Mountain Bike Club, Fraser Coast QLD

This club had a generous volunteer build weather proof boxes (seen on the photo with the club logo) to place club flyers and membership forms making it accessible to all riders that frequent the trails.


Club Membership Fees

Did you know that some clubs offer two club fee options?

One fee for the general club member and another for the club member that is happy to commit to volunteering for the club over the 12 month period.

For example:       Senior Club 12mth Fee                     $30.00

                          Senior Club 12mth Fee                     $10.00

                          (including volunteering)


We understand this won’t suit all clubs but thought it was an interesting idea to share!


Something to Share?

Is there someone you know in the mountain bike community that has a great story that should be told? 

Is there an interesting story surrounding how your club came about?


MTBA is keen to hear from you and help bring the stories within the club and the community to life.


Send through a little spiel to and we'll get back to you.

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