ROUND 7 & 8



It's the final rounds of the national series at one of the more iconic cross-country courses in the country. 

Register for this weekends rounds of the 2018 MTBA Cross-Country National Series presented by Beastwear in Canberra before midnight Wednesday. 

Age categories from Under 15 up to Masters 10.

Take on the challenge!


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This event is being held at Stromlo Forest Park, in Canberra.


What's Available

Event Village:

Is located at Stromlo Forest Park, a short walk up the hill from the main car park at the grassy knoll at the top of Old Duffy, which was the feed zone area from 2009 Worlds.

The Stromlo Pavilion located near the main car park has toilets, showers, change rooms and plenty of water. 

Food and Coffee:

There will be a food van located in the event village offering a range of food, cold drinks and coffee. 

Cooleman Court shopping centre is located a 10 minute drive from Stromlo offering a range of food and coffee options, along with two major supermarkets and petrol.

Bike shop:

The closest bike shop to Stromlo Forest Park is Onya Bike located approximately 16km away in Woden.


There will be a collection box at the registration tent to raise funds for members of the Tathra community, with many losing everything in the recent bushfires which hit the small coastal town.


Course Highlights



The course for Saturday is a tribute to the 2009 World Championships; it’s true to the Stromlo legacy but shortened to align with the modern technical regulations and with a couple of extra fun bits thrown in. The 5.0 km course marks out a figure-8 with two climbs and two descents and a total elevation gain of 101 m per lap.

The course starts with a climb up Blackberry followed by a left onto the fire road to continue climbing before dropping into the lower section of Luge back to the event village and the first pass of the double tech & feed. The descent then continues down Old Duffy to the low point of the course. A right onto the flat fire road at the back of the 4X track will take the riders across to Ramsay St, which leads up to Blue Gums and the familiar world champs climb of Cardiac, Cadaver Corner, Hammerhead & the 3 Sisters. Now for the fun bit, the track then heads down the Carolyn’s (old DH track) through the Triple Treat to the road gap (which will be bunted off). The descent continues onto The Playground and features the drop, two wall rides and the jumps at the bottom before turning left onto the fire road for the final short climb up to the feed zone and the finish line.



The course for Sunday is old school but super fun and rewarding. It is simply one big climb to the top of the hill, followed by the most fun way down that we could think of. 173m of climbing in a 5.8 km lap, but by the time you cross the finish line, all you will be able to remember is the descent!

The course starts the same way as Saturday with Blackberry climb followed by the fire road, but then takes a right for a more familiar alignment into Slant 6. Before Willo Junction the track pops out onto a flat fire road for a drink and passing opportunity before the long sustained climb up Blue Tongue and Heart Breaker. The final push to the top is backwards up Tall Trees fire road but it avoids the single-track section by continuing straight until it intersects the DH track.

Note: In the interest of safety, please avoid this section if practicing prior to the event (There is a bypass around the back on the fire road). If the course to this point is suited to the climbers, the second half is for the descenders. The jumps and berms of Vapour will lead the riders into the massive rock armoured drop-in of G-20, followed by all the glory of a full run down Luge and back to the feed & finish.