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Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) will be introducing a Public Liability only membership as of the 1st December 2017. This membership will provide members with public liability insurance only. This new membership category is ideal for members that already have their own private health insurance. More details will be providing in coming weeks.


The Masters 7+ category is for men and women 60 years and over. The prices for the different membership types available in the Masters 7+ category are listed below:

• Race Membership (12mths) $93 + Club Fee*

• Recreation (12mths) $40 + Club Fee*

• Recreation (12mths) without Club $69

*Club Fees differ but are generally around $20-$40

Please note, club officers of MTBA affiliated clubs can amend the club fees for this new category by logging onto the MTBA online system. Follow the instructions in the How-To-Guide HERE.


MTBA has introduced a new benefit for CA, TA and BMXA members, providing them with the opportunity to purchase a race day licence at 50% off. This offer commences 1st December 2017. To read more click HERE.

In addition, MTBA has changed the process in regards to the validation period for the Value Add membership. Previously a minimum 3 months remaining on the CA/BMXA licence was required. To help our dual membership holders, we now only require 7 days remaining on the CA/BMXA licence in order to purchase a MTBA Value Add membership.



Over the last few months, MTBA have recently been rolling out a number of participation initiatives across Queensland in partnership with local clubs and instructors. 

Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club and the Fraser Coast Mountain Bike Club each hosted two womens skills clinics at First Turkey Reserve and Toogom Trail Network respectively. 

These clinics were extremely popular which is indicative of the popularity of mountain biking as an activity for not only women, but all genders and ages.

The Fraser Coast Mountain Bike Club also hosted a Level 0 Skills Instructor course which saw participants from Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, South Burnett region as well as locals attend

The North Brisbane Dirt Dogs and Northside Trail Care Alliance hosted an MTBA Trail Development and Maintenance workshop delivered by Nick Bowman. The showers over the weekend provided an ideal opportunity for the participants to assess drainage issues and discuss strategies to rectify.

It was great to have two local QLD Parks and Wildlife rangers in attendance along with local trail care enthusiasts.  



Clubs can register programs and projects with the ASF and receive tax-
deductible donations.

If you would like to donate please click HERE. A list of MTBA affiliated clubs and
projects will come up.

To register your clubs fundraising page please click HERE.

For MTBA Foundation please click HERE

For assisting MTBA Junior development please click HERE.




THE MTBA website site experienced technical difficulties with the Directory which helps members to locate affiliated clubs in their local area. The team have been hard at work to fix the issue, to ensure all affiliated clubs appear in the directory. To view our directory click HERE.


The majority of the forms required by Clubs and Private Promoters can be found in the Publications area of our website. Please keep checking our Publications page as our forms are constantly updated and new forms added. To view forms click HERE.


The membership team will be processing new Certificates of Currency (COC) for Clubs and Private Promoters as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience and will do our best to distribute the new COC to all Clubs and Private Promoters in a timely manner.


If any MTBA Clubs and Private Promoters have any old permit books could you please return them to MTBA at your earliest convenience.




MTBA have recently updated our policy on junior participation in mountain bike events. Please take the time to view this document HERE.


MTBA have also created a new drone policy for use at MTBA sanctioned events most importantly the national series races. You can find the policy and request documentation HERE.


The technical regulations for mountain bike events has now been updated and can be found HERE.



 ASADA have just launched 28 new videos to help athletes cope with the pressures of life in sport and prevent doping.

The videos feature Australian sports stars talking about anti-doping issues that might arise during their career. Importantly they were created by athletes, for athletes via Crossing the Line ā€“ an organisation focused on athlete welfare.

The videos are designed to prompt athletes, parents and coaches to think about the implications of doping, the options available to them and the importance of their support networks.

Check them HERE 


Come 'n' Try Day Program

It is great to see the success so far of the Come 'n' Try Days. They have been made up of social rides, races and skill days.

For those clubs still to organise a Come 'n' Try Day, MTBA provides insurance cover to all participants FREE OF CHARGE regardless of whether they are an MTBA member or not. It can be a race or a social event (however it must be a NEW event and cannot be an existing event in your clubs calendar). Clubs are eligible for one Come ā€˜nā€™ Try Day every 12 months. For more information and to register your event for approval, please visit the Come 'n' Try Day rules and regulations HERE.


MTBA Coaching Courses

The Mountain Bike Australia Level 0 Skills Coaching Course is designed for those wishing to coach entry level skills development to beginner and intermediate riders.

MTBA is keen to support clubs with the growth of coaches in their local community and now is a great time to start a conversation with your members and look at booking a date for 2018.

Minimum of 6 per course.

Contact Cearna (CC) Mckenzie for more information. 


Incident Forms

It is a requirement that clubs and promoters complete incident forms for any incidences that occurs during an event or official club activity. Please complete the form as soon as possible following the incident so you can recall the details.  

An incident report needs to be filled out particularly for cases where anyone, junior or senior, may have fallen off their bike, even if they have expressed they are okay. In some instances it is not until later when they discover they may have suffered a more serious injury.

Make sure you paint the picture i.e. what happened before the incident, during the incident and after the incident.

The more information you provide the better. For example, was an ambulance called, did you apply ice, did the club give the person a call after the incident to ensure they were okay. Please submit your incident reports to MTBA after you have all the information. 

To download and view the form click HERE



SSSafe Survival Snake Kits are now available on our Webstore!

It's that time of the year when these slippery guys are out and about on the trails, so make sure you are prepared should you come across one. 

The Survival Snake Kits are selling for $64 and can be found HERE.


MTBA Webstore - Club Resources

Head to the MTBA webstore for a range of resources:

Club Tips

If your club is producing business cards or any other promotional material, it may be beneficial to put the MTBA logo on it to show your club is affiliated with an National Sports Organisation (NSO). Please email with any request.


Something to Share?

Is there someone you know in the mountain bike community that has a great story that should be told? 

Is there an interesting story surrounding how your club came about?

MTBA is keen to hear from you and help bring the stories within the club and the community to life.

Send through a brief to and we'll get back to you.

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