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New Affiliation Fees

Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) introduced new affiliation fees on the 1st July 2017. To view the current affiliation fees, and MTBA's updated account details please click HERE.

New Affiliation Forms and Process 

MTBA's affiliation renewal forms and procedures have been updated. Previously, some clubs and private promoters were renewing online without updating critical information. Quite often we would attempt to contact a club and be reaching out to a person who had not been on the committee for years.

Following our affiliate audit in 2016, 65% of our 200+ affiliates had outdated information.

In the past we did not have a way of tracking updates. Hence the introduction of new affiliation forms will assist to ensure all club and private promoter details are updated when renewing their affiliation annually.

This process will also ensure affiliates return day licences and recreation permits purchased by riders.

Please note: soon all clubs and private promoters will no longer be able to renew their affiliation online.

Please use the following revised forms:

MTBA Club Affiliation Application

MTBA Private Promoters Affiliation Application

We have also updated our payment form (MTBA Payment Summary Sheet) to go with any money being remitted e.g: membership, affiliation, day licences etc. We have created this form so our finance department is able to match and process each payment without delay.

MTBA Payment Summary Sheet

For future reference, clubs and promoter can download these forms from the 'Publications' page on the MTBA website. When these forms are completed, save and send though to:


New Membership & Day Permit Fees

Day permit pricing has also changed as of the 1st July 2017. We recommend clubs and private promoters download the updated day permit pricing sheet and place in permit books for use at events. Please click HERE to view and download the pricing sheet.


EOI Documents

Clubs and Promoters are reminded that EOI applications to host a round of the 2018 Marathon Series close with MTBA Wednesday, 13th September


EOI documents for the following will also be released mid-September:
- 2018 Gravity Enduro National Series
- 2018/2019 Cyclo-Cross National Season
- 2018 State Championship Recognition

To view current EOI documents, head to the 'Publications' page of the MTBA website and look for the 'Current EOI Documents' heading.


Staff Roles

There has been a recent shuffle of membership staff and roles within MTBA. To ensure you are communicating with the correct personnel please see below, staff, their roles and email contact:




Felicity Gilks 

Administration Assistant

Joshua-Kaleb Faulkner

Member Services Officer

Cearna McKenzie

Education Officer

Lauren Monds

Finance Officer

For a full list of staff and their contact details, click here.


NZ Riders Competing in Australian MTB Events 

New Zealand riders can participate in all non-UCI event categories on either an Australian or New Zealand domestic licence. However, it should be highlighted that NZ riders are not provided with insurance by Australia. To participate in UCI listed events, a New Zealand rider (and works in reverse for Australians when in New Zealand) requires a UCI International Licence. 


Come 'n' Try Day Program

It is great to see the success so far of the Come 'n' Try Days. They have been made up of social rides, races and skill days.

For those clubs still to organise a Come 'n' Try Day, MTBA provides insurance cover to all participants FREE OF CHARGE regardless of whether they are an MTBA member or not. It can be a race or a social event (however it must be a NEW event and cannot be an existing event in your clubs calendar). Clubs are eligible for one Come ‘n’ Try Day every 12 months. For more information and to register your event for approval, please visit the Come 'n' Try Day rules and regulations HERE.


Upcoming MTBA Coaching Courses

The Mountain Bike Australia Level 0 Skills Coaching Course is designed for those wishing to coach entry level skills development to beginner and intermediate riders.

To participate in this course participants must be a current financial member of MTBA and hold a current First Aid Certificate and Working with Children Check. Further information can be found on our Coaching page HERE.

Saturday 30th September 2017
Melrose, South Australia 
Register for the course HERE 

Saturday 30th September 2017
Hobart, Tasmania
Register for the course HERE

Sunday 1st October 2017
Launceston, Tasmania
Register for the course HERE

Saturday 22nd October 2017
Knoxfield, East Melbourne
Register for the course HERE

Course information to be released soon for: Fraser Coast Mountain Bike Club

If you would like to see a Level 0 Skills Coaching course delivered in your area, please add your details to the expression of interest form.

Feel free to pass this information onto your members.


Incident Forms

It is a requirement that clubs and promoters complete incident forms for any incidences that occurs during an event or official club activity. Please complete the form as soon as possible following the incident so you can recall the details.  

An incident report needs to be filled out particularly for cases where anyone, junior or senior, may have fallen off their bike, even if they have expressed they are okay. In some instances it is not until later when they discover they may have suffered a more serious injury.

Make sure you paint the picture i.e. what happened before the incident, during the incident and after the incident.

The more information you provide the better. For example, was an ambulance called, did you apply ice, did the club give the person a call after the incident to ensure they were okay. Please submit your incident reports to MTBA after you have all the information. 

To download and view the form click HERE


QLD Cycling Strategy

The Queensland Cycling Strategy sets the direction for encouraging more cycling, more often throughout Queensland. It is accompanied by an action plan and Queensland State of Cycling Report, which will be updated every two years to help us prioritise our efforts and respond to changes that impact cycling in Queensland.

Read more HERE


When we talk about sporting heroes, most of us think champions, medals and memorabilia.

But it might surprise you that the biggest sporting role-models often come from the local community.

Coaches, parents, teammates and clubs can have a greater impact as role-models over our most celebrated sporting stars. Local sporting clubs are the ideal place for members of all ages to learn important life skills and develop healthier habits. But like anything in sport, great success requires strong leadership… and just a bit of hard work.

The Good Sports program plays to the strengths of community sport, supporting local clubs with the resources they need to lead by example and create more inclusive club
environments – places where everyone in the community feels safe to play and enjoy sport.

Join over 7,900 clubs across Australia who are committed to inspiring a healthier Australia.

Get in touch today:


MTBA Webstore - Club Resources

Head to the MTBA webstore for a range of resources:

Commissaire Clothing

We are please to advice that MTBA Commissaire clothing is available to purchase from our webstore.  Items for sale include wide brim hats, caps, polos and long-sleeve shirts

Use to following link to take you to the web store:

This stock is only on sale until the end of the month, so get in quick!

Club Tips

If your club is producing business cards or any other promotional material, it may be beneficial to put the MTBA logo on it to show your club is affiliated with the national body. Please email with any request.


Summer Fundraising

Mountain biking is all year round activity but summer is a crucial time for clubs to fundraise.

There are plenty of ways to start reaching your goals. To learn more tips you can head to the Australian Sports Foundation resource page HERE.


To discuss your next fundraising move contact a Sports Partnership Manager: 

Jaime for clubs in VIC, SA and TAS 

Chris for clubs in QLD and NT 

Ryan for clubs in NSW, ACT and WA


Reminder - "How to Guides" - MTBA Online Services

New "How to Guides" have been uploaded to MTBA Online Services, available to all Club and Private Promoter Administrators.

To access these resources, login to the Online Services website here. Once logged in, select “Club Forms” from the Club Administration menu.

Please email or phone Josh on 07-5628 0112 to request specific “How to Guides".


Funding Opportunities

Below are a number of funding opportunities currently open and available clubs to apply.

Local Sport Grant Program (NSW) - closes 6 October 2017

There are four project types within the Program, these being:

1. Sport Development
2. Community Sport Events
3. Sport Access
4. Facility Development.

The amounts available are:

• Sport Development:  $250 - $2,000
• Community Sport Events: $250 - $5,000
• Sport Access: $250 - $5,000
• Facility development: $1,000 - $20,000

For more information visit:


Female facilities Program (QLD) - closes 3 October

The Female Facilities Program aims to assist sport and recreation organisations and local governments to develop functional and inclusive female change rooms and amenities that meet the current and future needs of sport and recreation participants.

Eligible organisations can apply for up to $500,000 (GST exclusive).

For more information visit:


Significant Sporting Events Program (VIC)

The Significant Sporting Events Program helps sporting, community and event organisations to deliver significant sporting events in Victoria.

For more information visit:


Something to Share?

Is there someone you know in the mountain bike community that has a great story that should be told? 

Is there an interesting story surrounding how your club came about?

MTBA is keen to hear from you and help bring the stories within the club and the community to life.

Send through a brief to and we'll get back to you.

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